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By using or visiting ('Domainifieds.com') you acknowledge that you agree to the terms that are set forth.

Your account.
You may only sign up for one account, double accounts are forbidden.
You are responsible for maintaining your account.

Listing Domains
When you list a domain name you must have full ownership and the right to list it.

You may not list the following.

  • No trademark domains.

  • No adult domains.

  • No typo domains.

  • No domains that may reflect a tragedy.

  • No Illegal domains.

You may only contact the domain owner regarding about the domain name that is listed.

You may not do the following when replying.

  • No advertising.

  • No spamming.


Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling domain names. Considered using an escrow service.
We do not handle payments nor we negotiate any transactions. We do-not provide an escrow service. It's Sellers/Buyers responsibility to complete and finalized any transactions via e-mail or another form of communication.

Domain Names

Domains listed on ('Domainifieds.com') are provided as-is. We are not responsible for the domains that are listed by the Users who are using the service. If for any reason that a problem arises you may not held us accountable for loss of monies, loss of property or anything else that arises.

Breaking these terms may result in account suspension or permanent banned.

We have the right to update these terms as-we see fit.